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 What I think.

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PostSubject: What I think.   Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:43 am

Hello I thought that I would just let you guys know what i think about this game.

I must admit I have not played very long. But from what I have played, im impressed! With my slow internet it took me about 3 days just to download this game! Apart from that I cannot fault it. The gameplay is nice, not to grindy like Rappelz. The graphics are good, for a free game. The custumization of the character is one of the best ive seen on a free mmorpg. Also the armor's have a wide selection and I love the fact that you can own a house. The mounts are nice and I love the awsd keys for movement, also the ability to jump! The 2nd chapter has just come out and im looking forward to keep on playing this game. If you have thought about playing it, I advize you do!
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What I think.
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