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 Patch Notes

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PostSubject: Patch Notes   Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:08 am

New content

* New race: The Elves
* New classes: Warden and Druid
* Maximum level raised to 55
* New zones: Elven Island, Savage Lands
* New level 55 Party instance: The Origin
* New level 55 Raid instance: Hall of Survivors
* Newly designed title system
* Guild Castle system: New buildings and guild quest
* New Mini Game: Malatina's Course of Terror
* New PvP battlefield: Visdun Fortress (tower defense)
* Battlefield system is now divided into three level ranges
o Level 1-29
o Level 30-39
o Level 40 and higher
* New display function of the backpack


* Deactivated ranking list.
* Because of the introduction of the new race, the mentioning of Logar in the transport spell description was removed from the quest "The Road After".
* Raised the drop rates for all Rune Stones and the chance to gain Rune Stones when dismantling equipment. Wilderness monsters will drop lots of runes, and high level runes can be received from high-instance bosses and by dismantling equipment.
* Fixed experience gain from gathering skill to raise the speed of the early gathering levels and reduce the speed of the upper gathering levels, but the total amount of points required to raise that skill to lvl 60 has not changed.
* Adjusted warrior skill "Defensive Formation": "Raise your and party member's defense by 5-55, and reduce attack by 5-55." now changed to: "Raise your and party member's defense by 500-5500 point, reduce attack by 5-55 and magical attack power by 5-55."
* Changed the description of the item "tool box" from the Ziwal's expedition quest in Sascilia to "Wulben's toolbox"
* The stack number of the "Suspicious letter" dropped by the "Maidge farmer" in Silverspring was now changed to 999.
* Changed some names of additional powers: "Illusion" was changed to "Mirage", "Wrath" was changed to "Carving", "Magic Shield" was changed to "Blur", "Magic" was changed to "Ray".
* Changed the description of harmful effects of the category "poisoned": these were all labeled "poisoned" for easy recognition.
* Changed the icons of weapon, armor, trinkets and "Attribute Purifying Stone", to avoid using the same ones like the Fusion Stones.
* Updated The Origin's "Ancient Tree Suit" icon.

Fixed Issues

* Fixed problem with client crashes caused by some equipment on lowest resolution.
* The decorative pet of the Little Giant series will no longer be deactivated automatically 30 minutes after summoning.
* Fixed problem of the Weeping Coast quest "Awaken" that due to DOT the "Strange Organism" would not respawn.
* NPC "Maidge's Farmer" from the quest "Sold the Farm" can now correctly be searched.
* Now bonuses to the physical skill weapon's damage will depend on the casting time. The longer the casting time of the skill the higher the bonus to the weapon's damage.
* The patrolling monsters in the Forsaken Abbey will not randomly jump anymore. Now their movement paths were corrected, so the monsters behave as expected.
* Corrected dialogue problems of the planting title managers in Varanas and Obsidian Stronghold.
* During the effect of the "Helpless" skills below, the helpless victims could restore life points and under some circumstances the restored hit points surpassed the maximum hit points. This problem is now fixed:

* Rogue: "Numbing Dagger"
* Mage: "Static Field"
* Main: Priest / Sec: Mage: "Freeze"
* Main: Scout / Sec: Rogue: "Lasso"

* Fixed Priest-Warrior Lvl 25 Elite skill "Last Prayer" issue that after casting the spell would not disappear
* The bank can't be used anymore to skip the waiting time of the transformation of the "Rune Energy Extractor" into a "Rune Energy Infuser"

Changes to the Item Shop

* The Fruit of Forgetting now also works for removing the secondary classes Warden & Druid.
* Added warning to Item Shop item "Harmonious heart" to remind the player that, when putting a cool costume into the "abilities" column and pressing the Confirm button for merging, the merged armor will only have the look but not the powers, to avoid disappointment through mistakes.
* The following items will now warn the user if the effect is already active: group XP potions, Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, Wisdom, Agility, Attack, Damage, Magical attack and Magical Damage pumpkin pies.
* The "High Quality Experience Potion" will no longer stack with other experience potions.
* Item Shop item "Experience Potion (7 Days)": The item description has been adjusted so it reads similar to other Item Shop potions: "Experience points gained in combat are increased by 50% for 7 days."
* Adjusted the descriptions of some trinkets to: "Blank piece of equipment. By using the "Aggregator" it can be combined with another item to gain the respective attributes. (Use to obtain a special visual result.)"
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Patch Notes
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